Archelan Studio

I co-founded Archelan because I was inspired by the best of both cultures.  While I never went to school for Fine Arts (I majored in International Economics), creativity and design always came naturally to me.  As far back as I can remember, I've always loved doodling and drawing.  In my middle school graduation yearbook, I was voted by my class as the most creative and a future comic book artist.
As the Lead Designer for the company, each piece reflects a piece of my soul-- below are few my personal favorites. 
The name Archelan comes from two words that embodies the passion reflected in each piece we created.  "Arch" symbolizes connecting people and cultures together, while "Élan" characterizes the distinctive flair that are evident in all of ourart glass pieces.  Each one is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.
Limited Edition: Queen of Flowers
The Artistic Process 
Designed on CAD
Signature Designs
Passions Pair Vase: Spring Songs 
Limited Edition- Archelan II and Archelan
Carousel- Butterfly Dance
Contempo Square: Tender Love
Modern Classic- Magnolia Breeze
Westlake Spa- Golden Gingko
Raindrop- Autumn Joy
Love Triangle- Lychee Cocktail
Belle- Yellow Iris
Paragon- Lotus Ballet
Wishing Well- Exhilaration
Crescent Column- Blossoms
Tropical Flow- Blushing Anthurium
Martini Flair- Iris
Limited Edition- Lotus in Bloom
Limited Edition- Reflections
Limited Edition- Under the Moonlight
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